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Tell AusAid to Help Stop Inhumane Dog Killings!

Authorities in Bali, Indonesia, are using strychnine poisoning—an inhumane and violent killing method—in a misguided attempt to control rabies and reduce the population of stray dogs on the island of Bali. Please tell AusAid—which donates money to the island's rabies-control programs—to use its influence to pressure Bali authorities to stop using strychnine and other poisons to kill dogs. AusAid's funding just allows the government to buy more poison instead of using the money for vaccinations.  

Strychnine poisoning is among the cruelest killing methods and can cause severe pain and discomfort before death. Its use is condemned by animal protection and public-health organizations around the world, including the U.N.'s World Health Organization.

Experts agree that mass vaccination of the dog population is the only effective way to control rabies outbreaks, and local groups are already working hard to vaccinate as many dogs as possible. Please call on AusAid to use its influence to stop the inhumane killing of dogs in Bali immediately and instead push for authorities to work with local and international animal protection groups to develop a professional program for controlling rabies and reducing the dog population.

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I am appalled by the inhumane killing of dogs in Bali following reported rabies cases on the island. Strychnine poisoning is extremely inhumane and can cause intense pain before animals die of asphyxiation. Your funding of the island's rabies-control programs is just going to free up funds for the government to buy more strychnine.

A sustained program of vaccinating dogs is the most humane and effective method for controlling rabies in animal populations. This should be carried out in conjunction with humane euthanasia of rabies-infected and unwanted animals, humane-education programs in schools that teach children how to prevent rabies, and laws mandating the sterilization of all owned animals in order to prevent unwanted births. Please use your influence to ensure that programs such as these are implemented.