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Petitioning US Attorney General Eric Holder

Tell Attorney General Eric Holder to Overturn the SC Voter ID bill!

The SC voter ID bill signed into law recently by Governor Haley takes away the right to vote for more than 178,000 SC Voters most of which are either minorities, college students, or the elderly who live in poorer areas.

SC Republicans and Governor Haley claim that the bill is designed to prevent electoral fraud. In fact, SC House Representative Paul Agnew (D) said "there have been no cases of voter fraud in South Carolina." 

The facts show that Republicans in the state want to make it harder for these voters to vote in November because they tend to vote for Democratic candidates. Tell Attorney General Holder and the DOJ to strike down the SC Voter ID bill! 




Letter to
US Attorney General Eric Holder
I would like for you to strike down the South Carolina Voter ID Bill which immediately disenfranchises more than 178,000 South Carolinians by requiring photo identification. These South Carolina citizens will have to apply to receive photo identification from the state. This is just another hoop that citizens must jump through to be able to vote. This is unacceptable for a nation that prides itself on having leaders that represent the will of the American people.

A South Carolina State House Representative, Paul Agnew (D) said "There have been no prosecuted cases of voter fraud in South Carolina", in response to the Republican argument that the bill is designed to prevent voter fraud in the state. The bill does not actually seek to solve a legitimate issue with the electoral system. There was no issue of voter fraud to begin with.

The majority of these 178,000 South Carolinians are minorities, college students, and poorer citizens that tend to vote Democratic rather than Republican. Republicans wanted to target this voting bloc in South Carolina to gain an electoral advantage.

16 US Senators have already written to you asking for a full DOJ inquiry into whether these laws violate the Voter Rights Act. They cited a study stating that up to 11% of all eligible voters in the country do not have a government-issued ID.

I hope that you pay attention to these US Senators and utilize the power under Section 5 of the Voter Rights Act to overturn this law which is discriminatory and promotes voter suppression. Strike down the SC Voter ID bill!