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Tell Arkansas Lawmakers: Support a Free and Open Ticket Market


We’ve all been to concerts and sporting events where ticket scalpers are selling tickets for outrageous prices in the parking lot and on street corners. Sometimes the tickets are legit and we get a great deal, but sometimes the tickets are fraudulent or duplicates and we get ripped off. Ever wonder why ticket re-selling is on the street instead of by a legitimate local business or by an online company with real customer service?

It’s because way back in 1955, Arkansas legislators passed a law to prohibit ticket owners from selling tickets for prices above face value. Those legislators thought they were protecting Arkansas fans from high prices, but of course the law hasn’t stopped scalping – it has just forced ticket resellers into parking lots and back alleys with cash transactions no recourse for buyers who get ripped off. As fans, we’re stuck with higher prices, no consumer protection from scams and no way to sell the tickets we own for market value.

But now we have an opportunity to change all that. Arkansas legislators are considering overturning the ticket resale prohibition, just as more than 40 states have already done. Instead of buying tickets to sold-out concerts from scary street scalpers, we can buy them from legitimate businesses that guarantee the tickets are real, guarantee refunds if events are cancelled, and pay taxes that support Arkansas schools and communities. Instead of having to buy tickets from street-selling rip off artists, let’s create a legitimate resale market that guarantees competition and quality service, and generates new tax revenue.

Please join us by writing Speaker of the House Davy Carter and Senate President Pro-Tem Michael Lamoureux to ask them to support a free and open ticket market for all fans in Arkansas.

Letter to
State Senator Michael Lamoureux
State Representative Davy Carter
As music and sports fan in the great state of Arkansas, I am writing to ask you to support legislation that will change Arkansas’ outdated ticketing laws to allow for the resale of tickets above face value. I am not eager to pay high prices for tickets, but I do want to rid our community of street scalpers and ensure that ticket resellers are governed by consumer protection laws that protect fans against fraud.

Arkansas music and sports fans are all too familiar with the site of street scalpers and scammers outside of concerts and sporting events. By passing legislation to allow ticket resale for prices above face value, fans like me will no longer be forced to buy tickets on the street, without any protection against scammers who already have my cash.

Arkansas is one of only five states that have not yet recognized the consumer benefits of an open and secure online secondary ticket market. Please change the law to bring ticket-reselling into the 21st century and protect fans from street scalpers.

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