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Tell AR Senate Judiciary Committee to DROP SB13 & SB14

In 2009, Arkansas took a significant leap forward by establishing a new anti-cruelty law, making it the 46th with felony-level penalties for malicious acts of cruelty. Now, this law is endangered by the introduction of two new bills that propose to both criminalize and fine individuals and organizations for investigating, assisting or intervening in any incident involving animal abuse or neglect (SB13) or knowingly document any instance of negligent or abusive practice within the livestock & poultry industry (SB14). We need YOUR help in making it known that these insidious bills only serve to perpetuate the cycle of horror animal abusers perpetrate and to give the state's livestock and poultry industry zero accountability or transparency.

Additional details on these bills and our effort to stop them can be found at

Please sign and share with everyone. We need help NOW!


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