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Tell Anti "Duke Nukem Forever" Women's Rights Petitioners: Stop your Petition!

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A petition has started recently in which some women bring up a dispute regarding the upcoming game Duke Nukem Forever and its "Capture the Babe" mode*. Their point is that the game mode encourages violence toward women in a society in which 1 in 4 women are subject to domestic violence.

They fail to mention that throughout the game men are slaughtered, kicked in the genitals, and turned into pigs. This seems like a fair trade; a bit of butt slapping for a ton of man killing. Unfortuntly, they take the low road and make up a ridiculous statement as follows "The Capture the Babe mode of the Duke Nukem game, which will be played primarily by young people, sends the message that physical and sexual violence against women is normal, acceptable, and even funny." 

First of all, the game is rated M. As in Mature. As in for people 17 and over. If by that age a person is expected to understand and behave within the confines of the law, they really should understand domestic violence is wrong. Giving them a game with a bit of butt slapping won't make them go out and beat women.

Second,  "young" people, as in too young to purchase the game without a parent, who play it will not be getting the urge to go slap butts, they will be getting the urge to play the game. Infact, if theres anything that should be petitioned against, its the more understandable but equally wrong belief that gun violence in video game translates over into real life.

Even if these "young" people do get this urge, it is up to the parents, who bought the game for them, to teach them that violence of any type is wrong. If they do not do this, it is not the games fault, but the fault of the parents.

Due to the "one in four American women will become a victim of domestic violence." statement, I will be adding my own facts. 50 to 60% of all domestic violence cases are against women. That leaves 40 to 50% of those cases being against men by women. In games like Bayonetta, Wet, and Mirrors Edge the main characters, who are female, conduct many actions of violence towards men. To name a few: Genitalia mutilation, acts of violence toward the genitalia, beating up men, killing men, seducing men, and humiliating them. Yet we see these games get away it with no uprising for Men's Rights.

So here we have it.  A silly little game, developed to be a fun, quirky secondary to all the serious hardcore games out now, and the second it includes some mild violence towards women, it immediately needs to be barred from being sold in Wal-Mart.


Terrible logic, and a waste of a Women's Rights campaign. Petition to get these people to put their time and effort into something that will actually benefit the women they want to protect instead of wasting their time on a video game that's not even out yet.

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