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Tell Android/Google: DogWars Dogfighting App Should be Removed from Market Immediately

Android, who is owned by Google, has available in the Android Market a new downloadable game application for your phone called DOG WARS (developed by Kage Games LLC). This is a DOG FIGHTING GAME. The player feeds, waters, trains and FIGHTS the virtual dog for virtual money. It is clear to me that the people at Google/Android /Kage Games think dog fighting is a joke and that perpetuating the myth that pit bulls are inherently aggressive has no repercussions.

Call to Action: In addition to signing this petition, you can contact the Android market team here and email to demand this disgusting application be banned from the Android Market.

Please SHARE this petition as widely as possible and REPEATEDLY EMAIL until they take this application off the market.

This kind of stereotyping is responsible for countless deaths of loving, gentle and well adjusted pit bulls across the country. These innocent dogs suffer and die in shelters because it gives false verification to the public that pit bull type dogs are vicious.  Any dog breed can be “trained” to behave aggressively. This fact has been supported time and again.

The developers state on the game description page “If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember: It is just A VIDEO GAME…” It is not just a video game, it is irresponsible and devastating to the animals that are victims of this abuse. The animal abusers who participate in dog fights starve, beat and train the dogs to behave aggressively to both animals and people.

Fighting dogs are kept isolated from other dogs

Fighting dogs spend most of their lives on short, heavy chains, often just out of reach of other dogs.

Fighting dogs may also be given a variety of legal and illegal drugs, including anabolic steroids to enhance muscle mass and encourage aggressiveness. Narcotic drugs may also be used to increase the dogs’ aggression, increase reactivity and mask pain or fear during a fight. Young animals are often trained or tested by allowing them to fight with other dogs in well-controlled “rolls.” Those who show little inclination to fight may be discarded or killed. Some fighters will use stolen pets as “bait dogs,” or sparring partners.

Fighting dogs used by all types of fighters may have their ears cropped and tails docked close to their bodies. This serves two purposes. First, it limits the areas of the body that another dog can grab onto in a fight, and second, it makes it more difficult for other dogs to read the animal’s mood and intentions through the normal body language cues dogs use in aggressive encounters. Fighters usually perform this cropping/docking themselves using crude and inhumane techniques

The effects of dog fighting are devastating, please take a moment to speak up for the victims.


Dog Lovers WorldWide

(Text adapted from Sloane Quealy-Miner of BSL News )

Letter to
Software Development Android Market Team
Board of Directors, Google John L. Hennessy
Google Press Team Google Press
We are asking that you please remove the Dog Wars App by Kage Games from the Android Market. Dog fighting is a serious matter that perpetuates the myth that pit bulls are inherently aggressive, consequently having serious repercussions for the breed. Already, numerous states have initiated breed specific legislation against pit bulls, which has resulted in mass euthanasia of these dogs across the country - regardless of temperment and ownership by responsible individuals.

These innocent dogs suffer and die in shelters because it gives false verification to the public that pit bull type dogs are vicious. Any dog breed can be “trained” to behave aggressively. This fact has been supported time and again. We believe that a gaming App that promotes violence with pit bulls, or any breed of dog as the weapon for killing, can only be detrimental to dogs universally in the long run. Fighting real-life injustices against dogs is already an uphill battle and we don't need another adversary.

Please remove this App from the Android Market, for the well-being of dogs who are already 'figuratively' fighting for their lives against the misperceptions promoted in the media. The dog rescue and pit bull advocacy communities will sing your praises as soon as you remove this App.

Thank you for choosing to do what's right by these victims, who lack the voice to ask for themselves.