Tell @AmyKlobuchar & Congress to re-commit to defending the First Amendment

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When Marco Rubio pushed the Senate to vote against Americans’ constitutional free speech rights to participate in boycotts – and to distinguish between “Israel” and the occupied Palestinian West Bank - almost every Senator expected to seek the Democratic nomination for President voted no. Bernie Sanders voted no. Elizabeth Warren voted no. Kirsten Gillibrand voted no. Cory Booker voted no. Kamala Harris voted no. Sherrod Brown voted no.
But Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar voted yes. She voted with Marco Rubio to restrict our rights to criticize U.S. participation in the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian West Bank.
The Rubio bill was opposed by the ACLU and J Street as an unconstitutional attack on our First Amendment rights.
Amy Klobuchar should publicly explain why she voted against our First Amendment rights. She should commit to voting to protect our First Amendment rights in the future. And all her Senate and House colleagues should make the same commitment: to vote to protect our First Amendment rights.
Urge Amy Klobuchar and Congress to defend our First Amendment rights by signing our petition.

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