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Tell America’s #1 Polluter to Clean Up Dirty Air!

American Electric Power (AEP) is one of America's oldest and largest utility companies. It also ranks #1 in most major air pollution categories.

But instead of cleaning up its act, AEP has spent tens of millions to lobby against life-saving clean air standards. Now it has gone even further. AEP has drafted and is circulating an outrageous 56-page bill that would delay, weaken, and block important life-saving clean air standards.

This bill would lead to over 34,000 premature deaths in the first two years alone -- not to mention 220,000 asthma attacks, and 1.5 million missed work and sick days. (PDF)

The question for AEP and other polluting industries is simple: What's your number? How many lives are you willing to sacrifice with your assault on clean air standards?

Let's demand that AEP stop pushing its dirty air bill and start cleaning up its most polluting facilities!

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  • Chairman CEO of American Electric Power
    Michael G. Morris

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