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Don’t Buy Foster Farms’ Cruel Thanksgiving Lies

Thank you for joining more than 130,000 compassionate consumers in petitioning American Humane Association to stop certifying cruelty! For more than a decade, AHA, which covers more than 1 billion animals in the U.S., has been giving its “humane” stamp of approval to some of the worst factory farms in North America, including poultry giant Foster Farms. After a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation ( at an American Humane Certified Foster Farms facility exposed sickening animal abuse, including chickens run over by transport trucks, workers ripping out the feathers of live birds for fun, and birds scalded alive in hot water feather-removal tanks, three workers were suspended and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office opened a criminal investigation. Sadly, this abuse is not singular, and without meaningful animal welfare requirements Foster Farms chickens will continue to suffer. That’s why MFA supporters and “Abby the Abused Chicken”—a seven-foot-tall, graphic representation of a tortured bird—took to the streets to protest Foster Farms in 10 cities. WATCH the video of these powerful demonstrations: But Foster Farms abuses more than chickens. Foster Farms turkeys, who are also American Humane Certified, suffer tremendously too. That’s why this week’s presidential pardoning of two Foster Farms turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving is nothing more than a tasteless PR stunt. READ and SHARE this Huffington Post article calling out Foster Farms for its lies: Enough is enough. Tell Foster Farms to stop pretending that its AHA certification prevents animal abuse and to implement truly meaningful animal welfare requirements to reduce the suffering of birds: • Comment on Foster Farms’ most recent Facebook posts: • Email Foster Farms: This holiday season, remember that the best way we can protect birds and other farmed animals is simply to leave them off our plates. Visit for scrumptious seasonal vegan recipes.

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7 years ago