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Tell Albertson's to stop selling magazines that glorify violence

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The San Bernardino shooting massacre of 14 innocent people happened just fifty miles from my home.  Imagine my shock when just a few days later, I was shopping in my neighborhood Albertson's grocery store and was confronted with a magazine rack filled with magazines glorifying assault weapons. There were more than a dozen magazines pushing assault weapons, "combat tactics," silencers, and "highly concealable" pistols. Guns that could only be used for one thing, killing.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My shock quickly turned to anger. I went back to that store to register my concern with the manager. I walked him to the magazine rack, pointed out the ludicrous lineup of gun-centric magazines, and told him I didn’t think a grocery store is the place for “gun pornography.” He offered to pass my feelings on, but said that, ultimately, “corporate” decides what to sell and not sell in their stores. For me, it’s just common sense. Responsible businesses shouldn’t sell magazines that make it easier for people to get their hands on assault weapons, or outfit them to make them even more deadly than they already are.

Please join me in asking Albertson’s to set a  standard of responsibility for all grocery stores and refuse to sell gun-glorifying magazines.

Our country is rife with gun violence. Just this year alone, there have been more mass shootings than days in the year. An innocent child is shot to death every other day, and that statistic only counts the ones who die; hundreds more are injured every year.

It is time to stop glorifying these weapons of mass destruction. One small, but easy, step is to ask the businesses we frequent to play their part. Albertson’s can play its part by refusing to sell these magazines.

Please sign my petition.

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