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Don't sell out on cuts to Social Security benefits!


We need to speak out now to make sure AARP, the powerful lobbying group that claims to represent 40 million older Americans, doesn't sell us out on cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits.

According to a recent story in the Huffington Post, the CEO of AARP is convening a meeting of "a high-level discussion" with "other national thought leaders" on the topic of Social Security. 

But according to the report "the list of invitees to the salon event includes a gallery of powerful Washington establishment figures who are on record favoring cuts to Social Security and Medicare" and only one person known to oppose benefit cuts.

AARP has previously moved dangerously close to caving on Social Security benefits. We need to push back now and make sure they stand strong.

Sign the petition. Tell AARP: Don't sell us out on Social Security benefits.

Last year AARP faced a massive backlash when its board dropped opposition to cutting Social Security and its policy director publicly signaled a willingness to consider benefit cuts to Social Security and Medicare as part of a "grand bargain" on deficit reduction.

After the public outcry, AARP backtracked and claimed it did not in fact support benefit cuts.

But now it looks like AARP is at it again.

Tell AARP: Don't sell us out on Social Security benefits.

Ironically, while the CEO of AARP is set to hold a private meeting with people who want to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, the organization has also just launched a national listening tour on the future of Social Security and Medicare.

So if there's ever a time to speak out to AARP, it's now.

We are joining with other groups including our friends at Social Security Works in making sure AARP hears that everday Americans don't want cuts to Social Security benefits. We need to make sure AARP gets this message loud and clear.

Tell AARP: Don't sell us out on Social Security benefits.

Social Security is one of the greatest anti-poverty programs in our country's history and is wildly popular. In addition, despite fear-mongering to the contrary, Social Security is currently running a surplus, will be fully solvent for decades, and is prohibited by law from adding to the deficit.

It's a sad comment on our political system that an organization that represents older Americans needs to be pushed to stand up for Social Security.

But it's better to speak out now and ensure AARP stands strong, than try to pick up the pieces after they cave.

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