Petition Closed has posted several sexist articles, most recently: “Do Asian Women Have the Smallest Breasts?,” and “Do Asian Women Have the Smallest Vaginas?” by Koji Sakai. 

We live in a world where rape is commonly and intentionally used as a weapon of war. Where the widespread violence against women and their bodies is worldwide, and media and capitalism combine to convince women to seriously harm our own bodies. And we as Asian women have an added layer because of the double oppression of both sexism and racism.

And it is within this context that a relatively prominent Asian American male feels he has the right to talk about women’s body parts and, specifically, Asian women’s body parts carelessly and with no regard for oppressions at large. He is dehumanizing and objectifying women by doing so. Koji says, “According to the World Map of Average Breast Size… South Asian women are bigger with an average “B” breast cup. Go South Asians!” He does not consider the rampant violence on women’s bodies in our society, including sex trafficking, child trafficking, or domestic violence. He uses examples of soft porn as supposed science. He ends with a plea, “Please email photos of your boobs to koji[a] I wouldn’t say no to an inbox full of ‘research.’ ” Joking is really an excuse to say what one really wants without taking any responsibility for it.

Koji Sakai shouldn't be publicizing sexist statements and 8asians certainly shouldnt be publishing them. Sign this petition to tell 8asians to take down the articles immediately and post an apology and vow to set up guidelines to prevent sexist posts from going up in the future.

Letter to
contributor Koji Sakai
Editor Ernie Hsiung
editor Joz Wang
and 1 other
editor Moye Ishimoto
I'm writing to ask you to remove these sexist articles: “Do Asian Women Have the Smallest Breasts?,” and “Do Asian Women Have the Smallest Vaginas?” by Koji Sakai. Also I'm requesting the site publish an apology and develop guidelines to prevent sexist content from being posted in the future.

These articles serve only to perpetuate stereotypes of Asian women and reduce us to our body parts.
By publishing these posts you are not only hurting our entire Asian community you are making your site an uncomfortable and unsafe place for women to visit.

I look forward to seeing action on this matter.