Telkom: Deliver what we pay for!

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Who does this affect?

If you live in Kommetjie and access the internet using your landline/phone line i.e. DSL, regardless of which ISP you are with (MWEB, Afrihost, cybersmart, webafrica, openweb, etc..) this petition is for you. 

What is this about?

At the moment the quality of our access to the internet does not meet Telkom’s own internal ‘acceptable’ standard of 100ms pings to local servers.

You may have noticed that downloads do not attain their maximum speed. The websites and pages you visit do not load first time and require refreshing or take longer to load. Voice/Skype calls over the internet have severe delays and the sound is of poor quality, delayed and intermittent. Streamed media like video or music require buffering (stop while playing or its quality is reduced to allow it to play without pause). Pings on online games are too high to be able to play. 


Telkom made a commendable yet costly move last year by upgrading all DSL subscribers nationwide. Telkom doubled the bandwidth of every user and consequently doubled the peak traffic on their infrastructure. 1mbit users were upgraded to 2mbit, 2mbit users were upgraded to 4mbit (If you were on a 4mbit connection before the upgrade you should have been upgraded to 10mbit, but this is not available in Kommetjie and you are paying more than you should!).

The effect of this upgrade has been crippling on our aging exchange which has not been upgraded to accommodate this increase in traffic. Our exchange located on the corner of Wireless rd and Kommetjie rd was listed on the locations to be fixed but was removed last year. The effect of this digital traffic congestion can be seen during peak hours (6pm – 12pm weekdays, 10am – 11pm on weekends), the time that it takes for our data to get to the exchange and back is slowed down by over 3000% (this figure is a best case scenario, optimal ping being 8ms, peak ping being over 300ms!). During peak traffic, 20% of the data that you send and receive is lost and never reaches its destination.

Telkom are very aware of this problem and this is why Kommetjie was on the list to be upgraded, they are now choosing to ignore us – our removal from the proposed upgrade and reasoning behind it went entirely unannounced but by signing this petition you are showing that we have noticed this and we demand that Telkom deliver the product that we are paying for!

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