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Petitioning The White House/President Barack Obama United States Government

TelI the U.S government to increase the age limit to 25 on prescription cough syrup and over the counter medicine & drugs

To help save the lives of our young adults in our urban communities, who are dying because of these dangerous cocktails. Young adults and teenagers in our community are dying due to mixing prescription cough syrup that contains Promethazine & Codeine to get high. This form of high is called (Lean) The drug " lean is a concoction also known as "syrup, purple drank, dirty sprite or "sizzurp" This dangerous cocktail, which has shown up quite a bit in hip hop music and other types of medias, combines prescription cough syrup and soft drinks for a potentially fatal high.


Letter to
The White House/President Barack Obama United States Government
We are asking the U.S. Government to please, increase the age limit to 25 on over the counter prescription medicine & drugs such as Night Quil and Zantax. Our community has been faced with too many deaths of young teenagers and adults dying from the fatal cocktail (Lean) The name "lean" comes from the drug's primary effects- sedation and loss of motor control. Those under the influence of the mixture tend to lean or slump in their seats from the strong sedative effects. Ingredients in " lean" is prescription cough syrup that contains Promethazine & Codeine and soft drinks, and sometimes prescription meds.

Users of lean report euphoria and relaxation, but at a significant cost. While it may be made from a prescription medication, the dose taken by drinking lean can be as much as 10 or 20 times as much as a prescribed dose. Overdosing on promethazine and codeine can have significantly dangerous effects on the body.

As with all sedative drugs, the use of lean can lead to unconsciousness, weakness, and nervous system depression. It can slow breathing to a fatal extent, and stop the heart and lungs. We are asking the United States Government to increase the age limit to 25, on the sale of those prescription drugs, such as Night Quil, prescription cough syrup that contains promethazine & codeine,as well as Zantex. And if somone purchase those prescription drugs for them they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We are losing way too many adults in our urban community, because of this fatal cocktail.