Hyderabad City Autos need Governance.

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Autos - The common man transportation needs improvement in Hyderabad City. We are expecting strict governance for this mode of transport. There are lakhs of Auto’s in Hyderabad and not a single auto driver will be ready to come as per our route. Forget about the exorbitant charges and the language used, drivers attitude towards common public needs a change. Most of the Auto’s exhaust pungent smoke, violating Pollution limits.

The main issues are:

These auto ply in their own routes. If it is a short distance they need more money stating that it is not viable. If it is a long distance they demand more money stating, they need return fare.

When they charge as per their whims and fancy, why do we have meters?

When so many auto’s ply on twin cities and not available when required, why we should choke the roads with these auto’s? Let them sit at home and at least the roads are freely available for other vehicles.?

When an Auto is designed and permitted for three passengers, plus driver (Four including all) Why we find more than Ten passengers in an auto? Does the RTA and Traffic police is not aware of this violation. If it is a known fact, why the authorities and Govt. is silent on risk to the citizens. The choice of boarding the crowded auto by citizens is by compulsion because other mode of transport is not adequate. Metro / MMTS are not fully connected to all the city corners and we are very from the dream to come true.

What we expect:

Bring strict governance on fare, number of people traveling in a auto, Punish the rude drivers, correct the drivers attitude by canceling the license, Check on drivers license, insurance and pollution. Let us not bend in front of the union. Let they amend what is right for all.