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A Call to Action to Resolve the Slow Internet Crisis in the Philippines

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Since 2011, when the UN or United Nations declared that having access to the internet is a basic human right, the Philippines have been trying to put a solution into one of its most pressing problems; slow internet.

Today, Internet has become one of the basic needs of every people in this world. In fact, many people today are relying on the internet to do a lot of different tasks. A lot of people holding some sort of gadgets and using the internet to play games or browsing social media. But of course, the internet is not just about entertainment. It’s also useful in many other things as well. 

Internet plays a great role to students in the modern era. But when experiencing slow internet connection, it becomes a dilemma. Some effects of having a slow internet connections the following:

- Less information gathered since most of the time are spent loading.
- Less productivity because rather than having gathered information fast to start something, it takes time to load a website and view its contents.
- Less time to do research due to time issues. Some may have something to do other stuffs while others might be on a rush to finish an assignment.

Studies show that there is a significant disparity between the Philippines’s average speed and price, as compared to its neighbours.The monthly average cost of internet in the Philippines is P848.65 or $ 18.19 which is also over the average global cost of $5.21 or P243.07. It is eight times slower than the global average broadband download speed of 23.3 Mbps.Not surprisingly, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea topped the test in Asia. The Philippines has the slowest average broadband speed among the 10 Asean nations.

According to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), they see congestion and inadequate infrastructure as the main problem on why internet users experiences poor service from ISPs. They also said that it could be due to oversubscription of the service. The congestion happens because many people are accessing the internet and it generates traffic that the system can’t handle it.

One researcher from LIRNEasia cites that the two main reasons why the Philippines is lagging behind other nations in terms of internet connection is lack of government support for internet infrastructure and the other reason is lack of competition in the telecommunications industry. 

According to Abe Olandres, “The new data caps seem to look like it’s positioned to upsell customers and condition them into paying more if they want to consume more data.” Hence, we can say that the ISPs themselves are also part of the problem.

They should provide faster internet to their customers. We are one in the world with the slowest internet. Their roles should be optimized and we need the help of the government to do so. They are one of the factors that we need to do this plan. If not, then our internet will be slower than the others.

The proposed action
Form an Internet Exchange or IX where different organizations, access providers, broadcasters and etc. could interconnect their technology. Due to the reliance in the network traffic benefits from their exchange, the internet would then be cheaper and is more highly efficient. This is where IP or Internet Peering comes in. IP is where people could share platforms to form one connection. Using the IP, companies could provide high speed internet connection to each other’s customers and because of this, it resulted in lower cost for everyone.

Welcome new internet providing companies like Telstra to increase the competition in the telecommunications industry since that existing companies right now are taking the advantage since that the customers has no choice but to tolerate their service.

Make the price of the internet more reasonable where it reflects the service that are provided to the customers.




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