Airtel charge people for VAS without customers consent

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Airtel is subscribing customer to VAS service without customer's consent and charging them. Only if a customer calls back for deactivation then only they refund money else money goes in their pocket.

When asked why did they subscribe a customer to a particular service they say we will refund your money.

They send subscription message in english. many poor people do not understand the deactivation process and end-up losing their money to airtel.

they are not following TRAI rules, which says customer's consent is must before charging them for any VAS service.

they make excuses like third party has subscribed, you must have clicked on a link etc.

I wrote to them a mail and they failed to answer below questions:

1) who activated VAS service., what was the web link/mode used for such activation.

2) How my mobile number was mapped to a web link for service activation.(My privacy has been put on threat)

3) how do you know if I actually clicked on a third party link and gave my consent to any third party for activation of such service and told them OK charge this from my airtel account. (Integrity violation)

4) name of company who provided this service (being customer of such company I have right to Know company name )

5) why there was no confirmation screen stating charges of such service and asking my consent as per TRAI rules (TRAI rules violated)


Sign my petition so that this LOOT can be stopped.

We are not fool that everytime we call them for deactivation of such services.