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Remove Grills segregating Men and Women in Hyderabad's City Buses

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For me, Hyderabad has always been a city that has been progressive and liberal in its mindset. It has always allowed men and women to socialize without seeing it as a taboo. A part of the reason for this is because our City's public services never segregated between  genders.

However, a few years ago, TSRTC decided to implement a segregation between men and women in buses. Since that day, city buses featured a solid Iron Door in the middle of the bus. The unspoken rule of the Gate is that men and women MUST stay on their respective sides without crossing over to the "other" gender's side.

The objective of this divisive scheme was to prevent harassment on buses and reserve seats to women. While the objective is laudable, I believe that it is a terribly wrong approach to solve the problem. Today, I feel the tension in a City Bus every time I use one. I feel the tension between the two genders divided by one Iron Gate. On numerous occasions, my friends and I preferred some other mode of travel because we would have had to sit separately in these buses. More than any of this, the Iron Gate is slowly and subtly creating a taboo between genders in the City Bus.

Close to 72% of Hyderabad's population use the City Bus to travel, everyday. Let's speak against creating a gender divide in our City. Let's look for other ways to tackle harassment. Let's stand together!

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