Choice of online classes due to pandemic

Choice of online classes due to pandemic

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Telangana state board of education

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Started by Lily K

The pandemic is affecting people more than it seems. 

While the virus seems to have toned down, the mandatory attendance of offline classes without proper safety regulations is only going to put student's health to risk. 

While colleges say "they will take all safety regulations necessary" they seem to forget that after the classes start. 

Masks are not properly worn, teacher's aren't careful enough and don't cover their faces properly, there is no social distancing either. 

Forcing students to attend offline classes is not fair. Online classes should be made an option. People should be able to prioritize their health without fearing about how they will miss their education. 

As a fellow student from a college who are soon removing online classes, my classmates and I are concerned about our safety. We had gone offline previously and the mentioned safety precautions were not taken. Many people were infected and suffered with covid.

Let online classes happen. Let students choose the form of education they want. 

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!