Change laws for Govt. construction works

Change laws for Govt. construction works

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Markandeya Janaswamy started this petition to Telangana Government and

With great pain and sorrow, we are writing this petition. The untimely death of Gopishetty Rajinikanth on Saturday, 25th September, 2021 due to slipping into drainage work near Manikonda Golden temple pains us a lot. This is clearly, a failure of the way Govt bodies are working. As can be seen from the video here, there are no barricades around the deep digging work the Govt took up.

What concerns us is that if the video of the person falling in the ditch is not taken, then we wouldn’t have known in the first place that this happened due to the deep ditches that are dug for constructing the drainages. We couldn’t have traced reason for the death of this person and the found dead body would have been orphaned forever.

What happened in brief:

  1.  A person fell into the drainage construction ditch on a rainy day and lost his life
  2. A car got stuck in the ditch where there are no sign boards indicating that some construction is going on
  3. There are no barricades to stop people going towards the construction site. On day light it is somewhat fine. But when it is raining, and with power outage, this is a disaster as no one knows where the construction site is
  4. Govt bodies sleeping the entire year and starting to work exactly in rainy season. They know that there are some drainage issues from past one year. But started to work exactly when rains started
  5. The work that is undertaken has been prolonged for more than a month without any proper planning
  6. For drainage construction, more than two roads are dug in parallel, choking the movement of people. This is a clear indication of lack of planning on behalf of the Govt bodies

Our demands:

  1. Increasing the accountability of Govt officers who are under taking such projects:
    1. Severe punishment for contractors who are not following the norms while undertaking the construction work. Punishments must include as severe as going to jail for at least one year.
      (Argument) A person going to jail is far better than a citizen dying for no reason. We all know that with all the norms in place, such construction work poses some risk (take for example HYD metro construction). Without any norms, we know for sure that it leads to disaster like that happened in Manikonda.
    2. Work must be completed with-in stipulated amount of time.
  2. Updating the norms while taking up public constructions:
    1. Boards must be displayed that the work is in progress and appropriate safety measures such as strong barricades around the construction site
    2. Alternate routes must be before-hand worked out while starting the work in a particular place so that people can move around without their life being in danger
    3. The construction plan must be communicated to the public before hand through notice to the local colony society or through media. There is no use by publishing a notice on the notice board where no one sees. It must be communicated properly to the public.
0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!