Exams for 1500 students at a time and staying in a hostel for 11 days​.​Is it safe?

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We are the Students of RGUKT Basar. Our college has scheduled our exams from 9/10/20 - 21/10/20 there will be1500 students attending the exam from all over Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra and it is mandatory for everyone to stay in the hostel.Who is responsible for the students health?

The students who applied for grade improvement and remedial are writing some
other competitive exams out from university, There is a need to submit the PUC score of the students as counselling of various exams will also start shortly .

Now there is a lot of pressure on the students as well on their families due to which they are not even eligible for submitting their application form for most of the competitive exams . Most of the exams had already done and various counseling process will be starting shortly .

I also like to convey that the TS and AP Inter Supplementary Exam 2020 has been
cancelled this year due to Covid . The students who failed in the TS and AP Inter exam have passed by the Board. This year around 2.98 lakh students got passed by this decision.

Some universities had passed the failed students by using their internal marks. If
any student got fail then he/she was allotted with the pass marks.

Not only this many students won't be able to attend the exams due to lack of transport facility and during these times students will be coming from many places and everyone staying in one hostel may cause a havoc because we do not know who is infected and who's not and if they aren't also many students will be coming from different parts of state so in that period he/she might get affected then who'll be the responsible and not only that all the students gathering in college staying , eating and writing exams may lead to some serious u controllable situation. All the students are mentally not prepared for the situation and families are also very worried about our safety so if something happens to someone who'll be held responsible ?

We hope that you’ll understand our situation and take the necessary steps by which all the students would be provided with a decent CGPA . Which will also help them for the other competitive exams and counseling purposes .