No compensatory school on Saturdays/Weekends

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Dear Decision-makers,

The schools operate 5 days of a week. Often, due to a natural calamity, civil disturbance, political rally, or, to mourn the loss of a significant person, schools declare a holiday on a working day. Typically schools declare one Saturday as the working day to compensate for the loss of a working day. I appreciate the school administrations’ resolve to make up for a lost day. I regret that the activities planned by parents and children for that Saturday suffer. For example, in my case, my child has to miss Karate classes on Saturday. Please note that this loss cannot be compensated.

I request all decision-makers to take cognizance of this loss. Please work with your respective boards of education to compensate this loss by either delaying exams or decreasing syllabus for the academic year. 

Education is important; It doesn’t happen only inside the classrooms. Sports grounds, free-play sessions, social interactions are great teachers too. 

Please stop using weekends to compensate for the loss of a school day. 

Yours sincerely,

Sameer Dubey [ ]