Extend Hitech City Metro to WaveRock/FinancialDist

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Metro Rail to Gachibowli WaveRock or NanakRamGuda-ORR EXIT will help save more than 2 lakh IT employees and other employees who travel from different parts of the city. HitechCity Metro which is bound to extend till raidurg needs to be extended till Gachibowli and save employees of Infosys Capgemini Microsoft Wipro Cognizant and Financial District. So it will ensure complete connectivity for all the employees.. 

Hyd Metro largest PPP will become break even in 6-7 years and addition of 10km to existing line wont be burden as it will add 3 lakh ridership to metro,Without burden to Telangana Govt.

1. More than 1 lakh vehicles will be reduced from road

2. Save 2 lakh + employess travelling more than 25+km daily

3.It is not possible to step down at Hitech city and travel to NanakRam Guda via auto.

4. Save the traffic prone zones Wipro circle, Biodiversity, DLF junctions 

5.Save the middle class from higher rents in IT areas..

6. City will develop evenly with better connectivity.

7. Dono the need of airport metro connectivity but this will save many people.