Promotion Of Engineering students to the next Semester.

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I hope you and your family members are doing well in this pandemic crisis. 

The Telangana engineering student joint action committee (TESJAC) request all the Telanagana engineering students to sign the petition which states that all the engineering students regardless of their university should get promoted to the next semester.
We are aware that colleges are conducting online classes.

Online classes are going on the app called ZOOM and there are a lot of questions regarding it's authenticity. Students who are residing in rural areas plenty of them come from a low-income family, and don't have access to high-speed internet or a laptop, which nullifies the possibilities of an online examination or online classes. 

Even after lockdown if the university conducts the examination, thousands of students will gather at one place and there are high chances that if any one with the COVID-19 attends the examination then there are high chances that the virus might spread to others as well and the lockdown /social distancing which we've been following from past few months will be of no use. Thousands of students life will be at risk.

We (TESJAC) have also put a request letter to 

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),

JNTU registrar and OU registrar. 

All the engineering students should get promoted to next semester regardless of their current credits and university. Please sign in the petition.