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These government funded gangs that treat the public people like they are just a sale to a sales man the more they arrest the more they get in fundings the next year its crimes that are made to make you believe that your morality is wrong while the ones that murder and use police to manipulate others under family courts that actuality are victims get punished with jail time, mean while the missing person list grows and so do the in going grudges the police hold when they get beaten at there life destruction game they play on the innocent people that work to pay tax to fund these thugs to do everything but help you.....

If you have been arrested and charged for crimes that seem irrelevant please tell your story also with the damage of the effects that followed that moment you were told that your under arrest.

Me personally I could go on and on but the short hand facts are they never did achieved a drug bust to justify the tax payers money going into there operations and now I'm the bad guy who has the majority of my family abandon me due to being something that they made me out to be its a bloody insult to have nothing but I'd on you and when released charged with asult when they had the weapons and you have the injurys while they return to there home and you have to sit like a dog in a kennel for there inappropriate inhuman action's.

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