Save Coffee To Go!

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Teignbridge District Council recently announced that they plan to invest in new renovations for Bakers Park in Newton Abbot.  Many of them are welcome such as new toilets and changing facilities.  

But one announcement has affected a small business owner who has spent many years building up her clientele and has been extremely popular with locals and visitors alike.  During a time when we should all be supporting small businesses, the council has decided to take away someone's livelihood and replace Coffee To Go with a new refreshment kiosk.

Coffee To Go has spent years attracting people to the park and has grown and improved leaps and bounds.  Everyone knows it and even the local dogs are fans.  It has become an important part of our community and we will lose it.  The kiosk will not replace the relationship built between business and customer and it is outrageous that our council wants to put a small business owner out of their well-deserved turf.  No one should be put out of a job in these times.

The van only has two years before their lease to operate in Bakers Park is up.  We want this part of our community saved.  We appreciate the investment in the park but we don't want it at the expense of someone's living.


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