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Change The Ridiculous P Plate Laws

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This petition is to change or at the very least bring attention to something that should be blatantly obvious already to everyone who has ever been on the roads. P Platers get all the punishments on NSW roads and i don't think others understand what that means to us teenagers. 

Targeting P platers in order to 'teach us a lesson' hardly makes sense, as for most offences we are convicted of, we receive a minimum of a 3 month suspension. To many P platers out there this ends up making them worse drivers at the end of their suspension due to being off the road entirely for 3 months. 

Now this isn't exactly a problem for me, however the problem for me lies within the logic of these P plate laws and the effects they've had on me.

The way i see it, being more harsh on a P plater than a fully licensed driver makes no sense. It's like cutting down the shifts of a newly employed maccas worker because he/she wasn't making the burgers ideally first go. It would make more sense to cut down the shifts of the more experienced worker showing the same lack of skill because if after all their time there, they still can't follow regulations and instructions then there's a problem. Same with on the road. Those on their 'blacks' or full licenses have been on the road for at least 3 years and therefore should not have any problems following road rules or using standard public road etiquette.

I've so far had 2 suspensions, 3 months each. One because i went 10km/h over at 1am through an empty intersection, the other because of an incident I'll admit i was half at fault for, however had i known ALL road rules at the time i wouldn't have done what i did (it's too complicated to go into detail about). 6 whole months off the road, i had to give up my photography because my car was my only transport, I've had to decline 90% of social outings with friends and i had to find a new job simply because it was too hard getting public transport to my previous job, and altogether the fines cost me $1000. It's had a huge impact on my life, and for what? I just don't see the justice there.

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