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We all know that the increasing number of teenage pregnancy is one of the problem in our society that we are facing right now. Most of the students, ages 13-19, had already engage in early relationship. The main reason why teens, especially girls will be pregnant, it is because of the intimate love they have and they forget their limitations. We teens, should be aware of this problem. A quote said, "Childrens are the key to nation's success". We should put in our mind that every wrong decisions has always a wrong outcomes. We should open our mind and be practical enough in making decisions in life. Regrets will never come at first, it will always happen in the last. We, the OATHENTIC's already know the feeling of being inlove, yes, we could not really control our emotions specially in the Love. And that is the reason why our partner will force us to do such bad things and beyond our expectations. REALIZE! THINK TWICE! REFLECT! Teenage pregnancy will surely ruin your life and the reason of poverty. Finished studies for it is the most important asset that we could contribute to ourselves, to our family and to the society where we belong. Raise your society from poverty, be one of the reason of your society's success. Wake up! It's not too late! Start it with yourself, and influence the youth that we should prevent teenage pregnancy. Consider yourself as one of the pregnant young woman, does it look good? Of course not! so when you love, don't go to lust and chase God for your guidance. We don't forced you guys to broke up with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, we just want you to know that every too much, kills. Kill goals, Kill dreams and even kill future success. Stand up! Be with us. Help us prevent the increasing number of teenage pregnancy. Spread out the message and be one to start it. STOP TEENAGE PREGNANCY! START IT WITH YOURSELF! STRIVE FOR A GOOD FUTURE! WAKE UP TEENS! Just open your eyes and your mind. START IT RIGHT NOW!

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