Simple Ways to Make a Round Heart

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One of the most classic pieces of jewelry in women's jewelry is the cherry necklace. Made from a solid cherry, it was used as jewelry in ancient Egypt and is still used in jewelry today. It is a symbol of love and beauty and can be paired with all types of jewelry to complete a look.

The shape of the cherry necklace can be any shape you like, from round to oval to heart shaped, depending on what you want the design to be. You can have it custom made to fit your face or body, just as long as you have the measurements of your neck or hips taken of your own. You can also use any type of beadwork, if you like, for a unique style that will stand out.

The most popular look for this type of necklace is the round neck. If you have a round face, wear a large heart shape around your neck. This will add a lot of depth and dimension to your look. If you don't have a round face, wear a heart with other shapes around your neck that will help bring out your facial features.

If you have a pear-shaped face, wear a heart shape with a rounded base. The heart can then be carved around the edges of the heart, creating a more realistic look that will compliment your facial features. If you have long hair, you may want to keep the heart-shaped necklace loose and flowing down your arm so it can accentuate your shoulder.

With short hair, don't worry too much about how long your hair looks. A long flowing cherry necklace will always look good with any type of hair. A cherry necklace with shorter hair will look great if it's in a natural color.

If you have long ears and glasses, wear a smaller heart with a smaller heart on top to give the whole piece a little something of a mystery. Make sure it's a bit on the delicate side, though, since you'll be wearing it around your neck while wearing glasses.

A round heart is an easy shape to make with your fingers and your own two hands. The best way to start making a round heart is to take an egg and break off a big piece of candy. Use a ruler to get a good size circle so you can cut the candy into the right size of the circle with your fingernails.

Once you get your candy cut, take it and break it into a number of different shapes. You can then join the shapes together using your jewelry craft glue gun or wire and string. Finally, glue each shape together to form a piece of the round heart you wanted to make.

The next thing you need to do to make a round heart is to attach the cherry pendant you made to the pendant chain. Use the same method you used to attach the pendant to the necklace chain. Simply run the pendant chain through the holes in the heart and secure it in place with the pendant chain. Again, make sure you leave a gap of one to two inches between the pendant chain and the heart piece.

Finally, sew the pendant to the pendant chain with a nice thick material. I would suggest silk this way the pendant will look nice and smooth without looking cheap or fussy and there is less chance that you'll have to replace it.

If you want the round heart to last a longer time, try placing a few drops of perfume or Cologne on it. Just make sure you don't overdo it. This will make the piece smell fresh and clean all day.

As you can see, you don't need many tools to make your round heart. It doesn't have to be expensive to create and adorn your necklace with. Even people who have a large face have found ways to wear their heart.