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Teen Vogue: Show us ALL GIRLS! Every Shape and Every Size!

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Teen Vogue mostly includes super tiny or ultra thin women and girls in their magazine. These models repeatedly showing up in the magazine gives the impression to the girls and boys that Teen Vogue targets that you have to be a certain size to be considered beautiful or attractive. Which is far from the truth.  Teen Vogue relaying this idea is slowly creating more and more body image issues amongst girls and even boys.  I believe that the sooner Teen Vogue begins promoting the idea that every body shape and size is beautiful the better.

 That above ladies and gentlemen was my original statement to you all as readers, signers, and supporters of this petition.  It was and still is my first thought when I first created this petition.  That and for the most part "Throw in the curvy girls! We need more curvy girls!" Which I totally still stand by, because Curvy Girls are and always will be AWESOME. But here's the thing.  Curvy Girls just like Skinny Girls shouldn't be the only thing in Teen Vogue.  What about the girls in the middle?  They should be in there too! And how much of an idiot am I  to forget about them.  I'm talking about the girls that are neither Curvy nor Skinny.  (They need love too!)  


So the other day at school while trying to recruit a friend to sign this petition, I started off with my usual kind of speech. "Hey so and so! So I started petitioning Teen Vogue to start putting more Full Figured in their Magazine......would you sign my petition?" At which point my friend Cyrus yelled, "You should get them to put EVERYONE in their magazine...even me!" And as I'm laughing at his comment I'm thinking what a good point.  I mean the picture that represents this petition shows girls off all kinds of shapes and sizes, and calls them all beautiful! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE! They're gorgeous! They make the world shine brighter each and every day. With the help of Cyrus (and many other people) I saw what was staring me in the face the entire time.  Everyone else.  If I sit here and petition for girls of one body type, I'm no better than Teen Vogue who only advertises girls of one body type.  


With that said, I Ayanna-Kariamu (or Olive Wilds) is here to petition Teen Vogue Magazine to put all kinds of girls (Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Carribean, Muslim, etc.) as well as girls of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES (Boyish, Sporty Curvy/ Full Figured, Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Petite, Cone, Tall etc...the list can go on and on) in their magazine as models.  And hey! while we're at, let's leave some of that Photoshop with Adobe huh? I mean these girls are comfortable with how they look. Why can't you guys at Teen Vogue be? 


So my question now is, will YOU stand with me? For ALL girls each and every shape and size.  And get this message out to Teen Vogue that HELLO! In case you haven't noticed there in fact is not only ONE body shape or size in the world.  There are many.  And they should be represented in a magazine that targets girls that are each and every one of those shapes and/or sizes.


Sincerely, Happily, Energizedly, and Pumped,

Ayanna-Kariamu (Olive Wilds)


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