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Get Brett Farve Back Under Center for the Green Bay Packers

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Aaron Rogers got hurt or possbly even injured yesterday, leaving the Green Bay Packers without any good QBs. Brett Farve is a former Packers QB who due to agism and alot of other reasons does not have a job. Bret dosen't need the money, but there is one thing we can do to entice him back- stop talking about his little peener. If Brett comes back to the NFL I vote that we all stop making fun how how tiny his ding dong is. Remember that time he texted a bunch of pics to Jen Sterger and harassed her &everyone saw that he was hung like string cheese? Well Im willing to wakl away from a lifetime of jokes to see the old gunslinger out there one more time. On the bright side it shoud be easy to forget because theres not that much of it. So get out your tweezer's because were holding Bretts dick ransom. In lieu of holding a newspaper next to it for proof of life we can just go to librarey and use microfische. Brett if you come back, we'll stop making fun of your penis.

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