Clear Columbus' Name

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The majority of us in the modern world are aware of some of the atrocities committed by the Europeans upon discovering and colonizing the Americas to the native populations, through this many historical figures who in fact do not deserve the blame for such acts are receiving it causing misinformation and an ultimate mockery of our history.

One such man is Christopher Columbus, who most will know as the figure who discovered the Americas for the Spanish in the year 1492 a now infamous event. But unfortunately as of late the event has been poisoned with the knowledge that many people seek to blame Christopher Columbus, a man who ultimately meant no harm towards the native peoples, for atrocities not influenced by him and attempt to twist the evidence we have to fit their narrative.

Christopher Columbus was an ultimately peaceful man who sought to follow the word of god describing the natives as 'making good servants' a sentence that actually reflects his belief that such people could be good servants of god as in good Christians rather than actual slaves of Spain as many people would have you believe.

I wish to ratify this widely spread misinformation by informing large scale companies and organisations who have documented false information about Christopher Columbus such as the BBC and the TED organisation to admit there use of false information and inform the public of the man Christopher Columbus actually was rather than the evil persona he has been given. 

It is in these companies best interests to spread the truth and therefore I truly believe that given enough backing the people who matter will pay attention.

This is a matter of clearing a man's name of crimes he didn't and would never consider committing and I hope years of hate towards this brilliant, amazing man can finally end and never return.