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Stop non consensual human experimentation

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  1. Ive been tortured since 2015 with covert technology that is capable of putting voices in and around my head that only i can hear. These people harass me 24/7 and have taken my life from me. If you tell someone you hear voices in your head they think you're crazy, but there is technology that can do that and thousands of people in the U.S. and all over the world are being tortured with the technology. Recently in Cuba there was attacks on U.S. diplomats that are similar to what I've been going through since 2015. Groups of people are coming together online that all are complaining of the same problem I'm having and they call themselves targeted individuals. Some people are being targeted with ELF weapons. Extremely low frequency. Some are U.L.F. weapons. Microwave weapons etc. I dont know exactly how it is being done but i cant believe a u.s. citizen can be tortured in there own home and not get help. Me and everyone else voicing these complaints aren't crazy and need someone to do the right thing and help us. Im 34 years old have no history of mental problems. I work everyday and have 2 kids. I hear people in my head i can communicate with and they harass me non stop. They are trying to destroy my life. They use trauma based mind control to experiment on me and people all over the u.s. IT started with ringing in my ears and i thought people had been following me then it turned to voices in my head that harass me non stop and can read my thoughts. It has taken my life and i have zero privacy with these people doing this. If they can do it to me they can do it to anyone please help me expose this covert technology. Dr. John Hall has wrote a few books on the subject and so has Dr. Robert Duncan. Please help me get my life back and stop this from happening to others. Just imagine someone listening to your every thought and every person you talk to and commenting on everything you think of. Thats whats happening to me and its all negative comments. They stop me from thinking in my head. If i try to remember something they call me names to stop my train of thought. They say nasty thongs about my family and i. They try to keep me engaged in endless conversations in my head. By harassing me and getting me to say something back. If i ignore them they just say nasty comments all day and night in shifts and they have been doing this since 2015. Please help me stop this. Nsa or Cia/dia trauma based mind control experiments.

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