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Petition for the FDA to Approve Cosmetics Before they go on the Market

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On average, Women in the United States apply 168 chemicals to their skin through the use of cosmetics. While some of these chemicals may be harmless, others may be toxic agents capable of causing reproductive issues and increased cancer rates. Currently, the FDA is not legally required to approve the ingredients of cosmetics (expect for color additives) before they go on the market. The responsibility of ensuring cosmetic safety and proper labeling falls upon the companies who produce them. The FDA can review a cosmetic product on the market if there is sufficient evidence that the product may be unsafe or mislabeled. During this lengthy reviewal process the product remains on the market with the possibility of endangering more consumers. 

Without proper FDA approval of cosmetics before they reach the market, consumer health is placed at risk. Individuals who use cosmetics could be exposing themselves to harmful toxins. Those who use multiple cosmetic products face an even greater risk of exposure to unregulated chemicals. Research shows that certain toxic chemicals within cosmetics could be to blame for multiple health related issues such as breast cancer and adverse development. 

To ensure consumer safety, sign this petition to require FDA approval of cosmetic products before they go on the market. If the FDA becomes required to approve cosmetic products before they are available to buyers, consumer exposure to toxic agents may be reduced. 

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