Decriminalization of Tryptamines

Decriminalization of Tryptamines

February 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brad Sanford

Texas is in the midst of a mental health emergency. 


With the nation's highest rate of substance abuse among adults, and the third-highest rate of adults considering suicide¹, it's clear that Texas needs a radically effective and alternative solution to address this crisis before it gets any worse, especially in the wake of lockdowns, business closures, and further isolation related to COVID-19. 


Major depression, treatment-resistant depression, addiction, and anxiety are not simply the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain or body, they are symptoms related to unresolved and/or ignored trauma². In many cases these symptoms are a coping mechanism used to find comfort from pain in the short term in order to avoid the stress and uncertainty related to confronting and finding closure with deeper wounds.


While every body is different, and every person has different needs, issues, and trauma related to their struggles, there is no reason or justification for people to suffer when we have solutions – especially solutions that can be so much more effective than conventional treatment – literally growing beneath our feet. 


Tryptamine class of drugs formally are one of those solutions.


Clinical research over the past 20 years has demonstrated time and time again that tryptamines, when used responsibly, has statistically-significant results in addressing depression³, anxiety, and addiction in the long term after a single treatment and, in most cases, much more effectively than traditional medical interventions.


Additionally, since May 2019, there are no reported significant public health or safety issues related to decriminalizing tryptamines in Texas.  It is time to move as a collective whole to decriminalize tryptamine use in Texas.


We need to not only fully decriminalize tryptamines in Texas so that folks can have control over their own personal health and treatment protocol, but also create a regulated medical model that is equitable and accessible to everyone whether they are sitting privately with an experienced guide or in a clinic with a licensed professional.


There is no time to waste – Texas lawmakers return to their session in mid-February and we need to let them know that we want access to tryptamines so that we can not only find healing for our own struggles, but create a new culture that prioritizes the health and radiance of our community.


Support this petition today to send a message to your elected officials that you want control over your health and mental wellbeing with tryptamines.


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Signatures: 33Next Goal: 50
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