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Compile and bring Ninja Gaiden 1/2/3 to PC and all consoles.

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I would like Tecmo / Team Ninja to release the following on the PC Platform and all consoles:

  • *Ninja Gaiden Sigma
  • *Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (With full gore reimplemented)
  • *Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge
  • *An endless survival mode... Uh, i mean "Ultimate Ninja Tournament"
  • *These should be released as one sale/bundle if possible called "Ninja Gaiden: Ultimate Ninja Trilogy". (or something like that)
  • *All the features of sigma+ versions too.

It is unfair to have superior/upgraded versions on different consoles, NG2 had superior gore on 360, but better everything else on PS3. Razor's edge came out first on Wii U (after its beta version "NG3") and Wii U doesn't have either of the other games (so right now i have to switch between 2-3 consoles to play the trilogy).

It would be of great interest if the extra mile was taken and add NG2/3 mechanics (dismemberment, obliterations, steel on bone) into the first NG and remixing it all. Having every melee weapon from 1 to 3 in all 3. (I miss the vigoorian flails and tonfa's in 3).

And if possible seamlessly blend the entire trilogy into one playthrough game (include the ability to just play through any of the 3 seperately from the start), add leaderboards, co-op, clan battles, ninja trials etc and all the features that have been added in sigma and + versions.

Everybody wants the best NG game versions in one place on one console, and us PC players would like it too, every version of the game seems to have frame dips on all consoles at some point which slows down the timing of the game because of no frame skipping. NG3:RE especially at the very start of day 1, its almost like a benchmark.

Please release a trilogy collection, and please release it for PC as well Tecmo / Team Ninja. Keyboard and mouse controls do not need to be implemented, a lot of us have gamepads, they are necessary for a lot of games, and i could not imagine playing NG with KB+M.

With Yaiba Z comming out soon it is logical to do something like this.


If you are not familiar with the game here is some nice gameplay footage:


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