Relaxation of Odd Semester Fees

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Countless students have been affected by the ill effects of the global pandemic. Many have lost their loved ones and some parents have lost their jobs. In this situation Techno India Main Saltlake, Kolkata is forcing students and parents to pay Odd Semester fees by 30.06.2020 otherwise late fine of Rs.500/month will be charged. 

Objectives that we want to achieve:- 

  • Relaxation of semester fees: Fees to be relaxed minimum by 50-60% (For every student excluding underprivileged ones.)
  • No late fine: If some students are not being able to pay their semester by end of this month. Techno India will not charge them a single extra penny as a consequence of late payment.
  • Waiving fees for underprivileged ones: There are some students who will not be able to pay their semester fees this time. Some are barely surviving. So we request to waive of fees for low-income students. 

We need to keep in mind education is about charity and not business.