Removal of Denuvo from Dying Light 2

Removal of Denuvo from Dying Light 2

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Started by Alan S

Denuvo Anti-Tamper is anti-customer software which puts multiple restrictions on purchased products.

Major flaws of Denuvo:

  • Requires constant internet connection (even for a Singleplayer games);
  • If company terminates their activity / game servers - it means your game will no longer work;
  • Denuvo stops games from supporting Linux or OS X;
  • Collects user data without permission, nor exact information about what exactly is collected;
  • Because of constant working in background, it significantly lowers PC performance;
  • If any problem occurs with Steam Purchase / Game Publisher / Denuvo itself, a chain reaction may happen - locking you out from ALL your games with denuvo.

    ...and these are only few problems which Denuvo causes.
    You can read more about Denuvo for example here:

    Furthermore, you probably already guessed that in that case, a "Pirate" with cracked game version gets much smoother gameplay experience, while honest customer is simply - punished, with constant shutters and FPS drops.
64 have signed. Let’s get to 100!