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La Salle University (LSU), formerly known as Immaculate Conception College-La Salle, is a member school of De La Salle Philippines located in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. It was formally opened in 1929 by the Society of Jesus in the Philippines. It was formally turned over to the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines in 1994 and was granted university status in 2006 and was renamed La Salle University. Just like any other schools, La Salle University is a K-12 ready school. With the K-12 program implemented, the population of the school will increase.

The population increase has led La Salle University to a lot of problems and the canteen is one of the them because the size of the canteen is too small for the large population of students, the canteen lacks proper ventilation, it is too crowded and this leads to an increase rate of temperature in the canteen.

The canteen in La Salle University is a haven for hunger but now it is a pressure cooker and enjoying a meal in a cramped space and crowded environment wiped out the “enjoying” part of enjoying a meal. The addition of high school students in the main campus resulted in the growth of hunger mouths. The canteen in La Salle University is in a designated area. It is one of the hottest part and overpopulated area in La Salle University. Complaints are even speculated among the students, college and senior high school students of LSU. Complaints that involve conflict, misunderstanding and bad behavior. Therefore, there is a need for this project to be implemented in order to lessen the conflict between senior high school students and college students.


The proponents are proposing this project because they have heard a lot of complaints from the students of La Salle University. This project will benefit the school, the teachers, the faculty and the students. This project will benefit the school because a bigger canteen can be an eye catcher to different sponsors such as Jollibee and McDonalds promoting the school. The teachers, faculty and students will benefit this proposal because they will have more space to eat in, spacious, authorized by senior high students, meaning it will be the senior high student’s responsibility in there to have minimal conflict between college and senior high students. To that consent, the college will have their own responsibility in their designated area. For the teachers, they can go either way. The teachers may go to the senior high canteen or the college canteen, below.


Everyday life in the canteen or in La Salle, canteen is like a small market with lots of customers. In this project, the proponents are going to provide a second floor for the canteen to lessen the noise pollution and the heat in the canteen so that students will have more place to eat with. Senior high school students and college students would have a comfortable eating space. Especially in our proposal, that it will have balconies with tables.

The LSU canteen is located between the LS building and in front of the SC building. This location has made the LSU canteen a convenient place to be. The canteen in LSU is where people eat and chat but in a sense of having so much complaints about how crowded the area is, especially during lunch, half of the people won’t even go eat there anymore because it is too crowded. Because if its location, yes, it is convenient but it is very hot considering people would still go there adding in more heat.

The proponents of this project will create petitions with the use of For the proponents to be able to achieve their goals, they will create a Facebook group, a blog and other social media groups to let the community know about the proponents’ project. The proponents will also be making infographics about the canteen expansion containing the different advantages and all the necessary information in it. The scope of our study is to be able to reach the school administrators, teachers, students and parents to sign our petition.

We will be requiring 5 months to develop this project and we will start our promotion right after we have uploaded the website. We will also be using our own resources to the funding for this project. Our expenses may only be included the printing campaign materials and the internet and computer shop rental in case we need more time outside school hours. We will also be using free services offered by Facebook


If you have questions in our project, do not hesitate to contact us at: / / / / 


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