E-Waste Disposal

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India being a NIC, is heavily dependent on its abundant agricultural produce. The country constitutes to 7.68% of the total global agricultural output. Its largely informal economy has been sustained throughout the years due to the innumerable job opportunities that the farming industry employs. Moreover, India has a high unemployment rate, thus, the farming industry provides a structure to support the country and enable the common person to fall back upon agriculture, as a reliable solution.

However, millennials have raised concerns upon the incorrect disposing of e-waste which is often unseen and subdued. This ignorance to this issue and lack of awareness has lead to negative connotations to subjugate certain sectors of the industry. This has unknowingly hindered the progress of the booming farming industry throughout several parts of the country.

Toxic metals in e-waste leach into our supply of resources, threatening their integrity. When e-waste is warmed up, toxic chemicals are released into the air, damaging the atmosphere. E-waste management is a critical consideration for future generations as proper electronic recycling is becoming harder to find. This disposal has also lead to the bleaching of fertile soil for the farmers to which they are heavily dependent on.

Our petition raises awareness in society with regards to e-waste dumping. This would enable us to make amends that would be beneficial and help give back to the struggling farmers and the environment in a country like India. Your belief and understanding in our aim to fulfil our goal would be the beginning of making a greater change in our society.