Ban Project Hydrocarbon in Tamil Nadu

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With problems errupting like a volcano in South India, there is one issue that NEEDS to be focused - the hydrocarbon plant project.
We believe that it is not only the official's duty to support what is right or wrong. We, as citizens must give in to the little change that is being brought in.

To brief you on the same -
Recent news states that the government is planting hydrocarbon plants in 24 places from marakanam to velankanni. According to the project plans, around 6000ft of ground water will be dug out which will eventually dry up Tamil Nadu. withTamil Nadu already suffering from water issues, this adds on a lot. 

A few of us have formed a group - the Cognizance which means awareness. We strive to not only bring in awareness but to bring in change with the best of us.

We hope you support us and join hands with us to fight against what is wrong.

For more details, approach us @cognizance__ on Instagram or email us 

Thank you.