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Anaphylaxis is Threatening. Serious. Deadly. REAL. Team Anaphylaxis wants to redefine how people perceive food allergies. One interaction with the person's deadly allergen can cause death.

"Anaphylaxis is a type of allergic reaction, in which the immune system responds to otherwise harmless substances from the environment. Unlike other allergic reactions, however, anaphylaxis can kill. Reaction may begin within minutes or even seconds of exposure, and rapidly progress to cause airway constriction, skin and intestinal irritation, and altered heart rhythms. In severe cases, it can result in complete airway obstruction, shock, and death."

There is no "cure" for food allergies. Strict avoidance is the only protection against having a reaction. Epineprhine is used as a life-saving medication in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.

Join the movement to redefine and recognize food allergies as more than something that can cause discomfort by daily advocacy and education that aims to wake people up from their complacency, denial, or lack of knowledge on this topic. Anaphylaxis does cause deaths and it is time to revolutionize the way people perceive this medical condition and medical disability. We will work hard to increase inclusion of children with food allergies and decrease discrimination of these children based on their medical condition. We suggest getting a 504 accommodation and modification plan in place at your child's school. "Things have been working well so far" is not good enough. Know your rights, protect and advocate for children with anaphylactic allergies. Join the movement.

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