AIS 46, AAROGYA- The right treatment, the right way

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Over 52 per cent Indians indulge in self-medication, a practice bearing severe health risks and a trend that is increasing due to either time constraints or the perception of doing away with the doctors’ fees, as per a survey conducted by Lybrate, a doctor-patient end-to-end communication platform.
Globally, every country is the victim of substandard or spurious drugs, which result in life threatening issues, financial loss of consumer and manufacturer and loss in trust on health system.
In light of such events, the students of Amity International School, Sector 46 have taken the initiative to fight against the malpractice of SELF MEDICATION, engage people into safely and properly disposing medicines and enforcing the practice of reading the expiry of medicines.
To all those reading this petition, we, Team Aarogya require as much support as we can muster so that our cause is heard and action is taken in due course of time. Help us by signing this petition for the Correct Consumption and Disposal of Medicinal Drugs.