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Don't implement Purify

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Hello Everyone,

In this petition I would like to ask the Hearthstone developer team to reconsider implementing the newly announced card, called Purify.

The Hearthstone community is long aware of the fact that Priest is the weakest of all classes since the release of Standard mode. It is even considered as a meme: everyone jokes or feels really bad about the current state of this class.

Dedicated Hearthstone players, pro players and streamers (Zetalot, Amaz, Kibler, Kripp and so on...) are working hard to come up with a viable deck for Priest. The community tries to offer different solutions for this issue every single day.

The reason why the community is upset about this card is not simply, because the card itself is really weak (some consider it as one of the weakest card in the history of Hearthstone), the community is upset and disappointed, because we feel that our opinion in this matter is ignored.

We don't want Priest to be top tier class all the time, but we would like to reduce the gap between popular tier 1 decks and priest decks.

The announcement of the card Purify, was the final nail in the coffin for some players as some players were already upset about previous miscommunications by the developer team.

Many players consider the card Purify as a sign of Blizzard not listening to the community. Some players even treat this card as an insult toward priest players.


All of this in mind, I would like to ask the developer team to respect the players by simply not implementing this card into the game and I would like to encourage them work more closely with the community (regarding other issues as well, such as arena balance) to make our beloved game even better.

A Priest Player



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