Stop Sexist School Dress Code

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The over-sexualiztation of girls in high-school has gone far enough. The "finger-tip" length rules of shorts, dresses and skirts is absolutely targeted and out-dated. The fact that I can't show my shoulders in school is absolutely absurd. Am I honestly not allowed to wear shorts simply because they are deemed to short? This is demeaning towards women as a whole and is blatant slut-shaming. Adults are imposing their previous generation standards of what is considered acceptable to wear. For one it is almost impossible to find shorts that go past my finger-tips simply because they are no longer produced and out of style. You take me out of class and either force me to change or write me up. By enforcing these sexist rules your are not only damaging my education by taking me out of class to "fix" this "problem", but you are enforcing the thought of women as sexual objects and not human beings. Is my butt hanging out? No. Am I a distraction to my classmates (male in particular) simply because I am wearing shorts? Absolutely not. This is also demeaning to the guys in our school. Do you honestly think that they are sex crazed maniacs that will be distracted by a shoulder? If so you have no respect for your students. But the bottom line is this: You are judging me by the clothes I wear and viewing me as a sex object, instead of an intelligent girl who is capable of many things. But still women are viewed everyday as objects and not people. Never have I seen a guy at my school be persecuted for the clothes he wears. The majority of girls who are persecuted for the thing they wear are those with more curves or are of a different ethnic descent. I am not an object for you to own. I am not a painting for you to admire. I am a human being who should be treated with respect.


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