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Save a substitute teacher's job and rights

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A substitute teacher is being punished and potentially fired for defending her self. While she was giving a test in class, a student had their phone playing music on their ear buds. The teacher (Mrs.shorb) had politely asked the student to turn it down, not to put it up, just to turn it down. The student removed her ear buds, ignored her once again, and continued to listen to her music at a loud volume. Mrs. Shorb then got up and took the students phone for disobeying her orders. Which were quite fair. Considering the student wasn't even supposed to have a phone on at all during school. But she allowed, because who doesn't love to relieve a but of stress during a test with music. Any way, the student then got up andoing stomped over to Mrs. Shorb's desk, the student then proceeded to flip the desk on Mrs.shorb, causing injury to her arm and other parts of her body. The student then proceeded to slam and pin Mrs.shorb to the wall causing injury to her back.Mrs shorb pushed student off of her with the aid of other students. She then called the student a bi$#h. Mrs.shorb was called to the office and everything was explained....or from the students perspective. Mrs shorb is now having her job threatened and way of living to become extremely difficult, with little repercussions to the student.

It would mean so much for everyone to stand up for teachers rights. Please accept this if you agree that Mrs.shorbs punishment is too harsh and unfair. Mrs.shorb had enough decency and self control to defend herself with words alone and not violence.

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