Mental and physical harassment of polling officials on 12/05/2019 in Delhi

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The biggest festival of democracy was celebrated in the form of Lok Sabha Elections on 12/05/2019 in Delhi.All the employees from government sectors were engaged to fulfill this duty.Majority of the polling officers were from Directorate of Education which constituted of more female members.It was a totally mismanaged ,chaotic event where the officials had worked for continuous 24 hours in such a filthy environment.There was no food,no water,no facilities to pick and drop the females at the odd hours.At the collection centres they was no management.The officials had to keep the EVM's on the heads and climb the third floor on after in the collection centres after  the 16 hours of work at the polling station.

 Is this a way to treat polling officers (educated class). We usually control animals far more better than this.

An official duty of 11 hours without food and without break and unofficially it is of 20-24 hours. Even a daily wager is legally allowed to work for 8 hours(labour laws)..than how can election commission make us to work for 11 hours. If u say something they threat u to suspend u. Now human right can not see this. We all demand improvement in process of machine collection. No body will come here to help us. We should convert our harasment into a movemet #improveelectionprocess . Mostly we teachers works in this greatest festival of democracy. So now its the time unite yourself .

Different renumeration is paid in different parliamentary constituency. At some places food was supplied and at mostly places it was not supplied. At some places a it was just ok type and and at some places only boiled rice was given which they call veg briyani. When we are performing same duty why different renumeration and refreshment.


Why doesn't Election commission of India bring changes in the system in order to make things smoother?