More in-depth study of black history in UK Schools

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This petition is purely for people to acknowledge the most inhumane and brutal things black people have had to go through. There needs to be more knowledge for children in schools to know correctly about black history. I feel black history should be a mandatory subject across all key stages of the curriculum.

I believe that delivering correct teaching lessons on black history, providing teacher training and campaigning mobilising through young people- we can facilitate change.

Change needs to be made within our education system. Young people must be given an accurate version of British History. The only time we learn about black people is in regards to slavery, but what about black pioneers who made a change to the world? 200 years of oppression quickly swept into an hours worth of lesson isn’t good enough. There needs to be a continual emphasis on it throughout the school year.

Black history is excluded from the national curriculum and omits vast contributions black people have made to the UK. Young people are not given an accurate version which may limit their opportunities and futures in a diverse landscape. 

“Change can only begin to happen when society understand the facts of colonialism and how it still underpins current economic and legal structures, as well as beliefs and patterns of behaviour present in our current society.”