Make all school lock-down alarms "pumped up kicks" by Foster the People

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There was a report not too long ago at a school, where upon hearing the school lock-down alarm, they proceeded to line up outside, for a fire drill.

Needless to say, this could've been horrifying. Luckily, it was a drill, so no lives were lost, but it shows how easily confused the alarms can be. Think of how devastating it would be if the students began to huddle under the tables while a fire raged, or if they went outside with a shooter on the loose. It's potentially life ruining, for not just the children, but for the families, the schools, and the town it happened in.

By changing the alarm to Pumped Up Kicks, it'd be easier to distinguish, and would be a reminder of what the alarm actually meant, this would in turn avoid loss of life and keep our children safe