Teachers in schools need to be trained in supporting students with their mental health!

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Hi my name is Megan and I am 15 years old and from the U.K, and for 6 years now I have been suffering immensely with my mental health, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of 11and have been suffering ever since. Many of my stresses are to do with my school work and the school having a lack of understanding of what I’m going through as well as the environment being too overwhelming, and I know for a fact that it isn’t just me dealing with all this stress there are many other students that are dealing with the same, but they are just too nervous to speak out because our schools have no support for them. My experiences with my mental health have led me down a dangerous path because I felt like a burden, both to the school and mainly to my family, this led to me not going into school for months, and ending up being admitted into hospital. In conclusion, I feel that most of this could’ve been avoided, if our schools had the funding to hire counsellors to help me, and in the future help many others. Mental health is exactly like physical health and should be treated exactly the same therefore all teachers who train in first aid should be trained on how to understand, deal with, and spot signs of students struggling with their mental health. Our country is known for not funding mental health services enough, so for people who cannot afford private care are left with the inconsistencies of care. The stigma surrounding mental health needs to stop instantly, especially in young people! Please sign my petition if you agree and want to make a change!

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Megan Noya

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